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The "Perfect" Outfit

When I put together a "perfect" outfit I have three criteria, besides style:

Sure, I will wear outfits that do not adhere to these principles, but then I do not qualify them as "perfect." (I put perfect in quotations because nothing is ever truly #perfect, not even this boutique.) When I am going out with friends, or to dinner with my husband, or I just want to make a good first impression when going to the bank, sometimes you just need the "perfect" #outfit.

An outfit is "perfect" if I know I will be comfortable, for long periods of time. This sometimes rules out a lot of the more special pieces in my wardrobe, but that doesn't necessarily rule out style. You may have to elevate your outfit in other aspects. For example, if I know I'm going to be more comfortable in jeans than in a dress, I may wear a nicer shirt, add more accessories, or I will elevate my shoes (as much as I can without sacrificing comfort, of course.).

For an outfit to be "perfect," it also must have a coolness factor. I don't claim to be cool by any means, but I know if I wear a leather jacket over a frilly dress, I know I'm going to feel edgy. I will feel cooler in a bodysuit than in a romper. The combat boots are cooler than Tevas. They just are. But I still love my Tevas very much.

And finally, I have to commit to the outfit before walking out the door. If I feel unsure about any piece of the outfit, it's going to throw me off. I won't feel as confident and that throws off all the other components. I won't feel cool if I haven't committed to the length of my mini skirt. Instead, I will feel like I'm not really pulling it off. And that is very uncomfortable.



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